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Diamonds  and Precious Stones


Turn all your unwanted Jewelry into Cash Today! With gold prices at an all time high, it is an ideal time to turn your unwanted or broken gold and jewelry into extra cash. We pay some of the best prices for your gold and can pay more than our biggest competitors!

There has never been a safer and more reliable company than North Jersey Gold for turning your gold into cash, we are well known in the tri-state area as one of the leading operators who will buy directly from customers . Disposing of all your broken and unwanted jewelry and getting cash for gold has never been easier, so give it a go: Sell your gold to us - we'll give you the best deal in town!


Estate Clearing

Clearing, a great way to prepare a home for selling. A clean, clutter free home is easier to sell. We de-clutter, deep clean and re-arrange furniture for better traffic flow. The change in energy from dark, stuffy and stagnant to bright, clean and clear is amazing. The realtors notice the energy shift. When a buyer walks into a home we have prepared they are greeted by a fresh, clean scent and clear, clutter free viewing. A positive viewing experience can lead to a fast closing. It has happened with us.


We have buyers for quality collector cars of all types. Whether it’s one car or an entire collection, we want to talk to you! Please contact us for a current market valuation. Click below for more information.

Our business is great. As such, we have a huge demand for quality collector cars. If you’re thinking of selling, whether it’s one car or a whole collection, we want to talk to you. We will help you evaluate your car and will either purchase it outright, or sell the car for you on a consignment basis.

To get started, call one of our specialists, or reach us via out contact page. Be sure to include photos and any and all information to ensure your sale goes quickly with no hassles..

Please be sure to photograph the vehicle’s flaws, as well as its highlights. We will contact you once we have reviewed your submission.


We Buy Everything

We not only buy your gold, diamonds and other precious stones, we offer other services too.

We Buy Classic Cars

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We also buy antiques, collectibles and all sorts of high end designer items such as handbags, wallets, jewelry and more!

Full disclosure and confidentiality are practiced at all times. With respect and compassion we sort through, categorize and organize the belongings accumulated over a lifetime. We carefully sift through the treasures and important documents and separate them from the junk. We purge, dispose of any junk, plus arrange pick-ups from consignment shops and donation organizations for the items that are in good condition. You decide what to keep, sell or donate. Our involvement can be as total as handling it all, to as minimal as you wish.

Getting it done fast Do you need to avoid next month’s payments or meet a closing deadline? If you do not have the luxury of time you can count on us to get it done.

Diamonds become increasingly rare when considering higher clarity grades. Only about 20% of all diamonds mined have a clarity rating high enough for the diamond to be considered appropriate for use as a gemstone; the other 80% are relegated to industrial use.

Of that top 20%, a significant portion contains one or more visible inclusions. Those that do not have a visible inclusion are known as "eye-clean" and are preferred by most buyers, although visible inclusions can sometimes be hidden under the setting in a piece of jewelry.